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Dracula as 20th Century character in films and books

written by Bram Stoker is the centre of an Exhibition in Matadero Madrid. The exhibition runs till September.

The exhibition covers the life of Bram Stoker one century after his death. Dealing with his relationship with contemporaries such as Walt Whitman and Mark Twain etc the Exhibition offers an insight into the creator of the Ghoul who frightened the wits out of many reader and cinema goer.

Matadero Madrid

Casa de Lector, Legazpi,8


Metro; Legazpi L3/L6 Emajadores L3 / L5

The City of cartoons

Every Day From: Monday 26 November To Wednesday 31 July

From: 10:00 To 20:00

Last days and opportunity to see;

An Exhibition of Cartoons with its Theme as Madrid; every couple of months a different person will draw and exhibit Cartoons which he or she considers relevant to the City of Madrid and the people who live in Madrid.

The Cartoon exhibition is in a small space, so dont expect a grand tour.Contributing Cartoonists are Miguel Ángel Martín, Santiago Valenzuela, Hermanas Pacheco and Puño.

Where; Palacio de Cibeles,CentroCentro, Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid

Guided Tour of Madrid on a Bike.

What better way to see the streets and monuments of Madrid than from the saddle of a bike and with an expert tour-guide who can show you the real sights of this exicting city.

Plaza Mayor, 27 (Plaza Mayor Tourist Center)

Book in Advance at the above address or by email; e-mail:visitasguiadas@esmadrid.com

Tours are on Saturdays and the group is limited to 20 people only. At the time of writing Bike Tour Prices are 6,90 Euros.

More information on tickets and sales in general,here

If you would like to go it alone and rent a bike to cruise around Madrid alone, check this page out for ideas and rentals.

Legends,Hauntings and Ghosts in Madrid.

Go on this Tour of the Spooky parts of Madrid. Ask any Madrileño and they are sure to have a heard of a Ghost Story connected to some building in Madrid City. This Tour takes you through the Legends and Ghostly areas of Madrid and is reported to be entertaining and fun for the family.

Departure is at 8PM on Fridays at Plaza De Mayor,27  best to book ahead to ensure a place; check this link to find out how and where to book tickets


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