Jun 262012

The Madrid Summer has arrived so has the Euro 2012 Football and we are already waiting to see what happens between Spain and Portugal on Wednesday 27th of June 2012. Many people enjoy the atmosphere of a bar when watching football. So, depending on which part of town you are in I can recommend a couple of places that are comfortable and fun to be in.

Café Santa María in Palos de la Frontera

If you happen to be looking for a terrace with a good selection of wide-screen TVs in Palos de la Frontera, then I recommend La Santa María in calle Ancora. The bar is situated on the corner of Paseo del Delicious and is a stones throw from the Metro station Palos de la Frontera. You can easily find a table and good position to sit and watch the Euro 2012 and enjoy the evening warmth of Madrid. The great plus about La Santa María is the service. Its friendly,polite and the owners,  Ángel and Juan , will welcome you with a handshake and smile while serving you a cold beer and free tapa with each new drink. Otherwise the menu of Racíones are varied and I can recommend the kitchen. Who cooks, I dont know, but they serve up a tasty meal. Open all day and the last bar to close at night in the area (02.30 ish.)

Calle Rafael de Riego 28 , Palos de la Frontera

I cant find a name for this particular Madrid bar but its well worth a visit for the Euro 2012 if you want the atmosphere of excited bar-room fans. Its popular for footy nights and drinking and eating in general. There isnt a terrace. Inside is large and air-conditioned with plenty of standing room around the bar for watching football on the average sized TV screen. Food is good and the service is second to none. Plenty of seating with a view and choice of TV in every direction. Greeted by regular staff Miguel and Bélin you are guaranteed a warm welcome in this relaxed and friendly Madrid bar in the heart of the barrio. Customers are the locals of all Nationalities and friendly people if you want to try out your Spanish. Otherwise on Footy nights you might just meet some native English speakers. Open all day and closes at Midnight.


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